e-Governance is basically about the new ways by which services can be delivered to the public. Today we are witnessing a huge rise in the expectations that the public has from the government, municipal administration and from all the bodies of government. It is immensely challenging for various government departments to cope with the rising expectations. By the virtue of being the enablers of e-Governance, the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) serve as tools in processes for transformation and change. Today, such technologies have become deeply embedded into the socio-economic fabric of our society, and the role of e-Governance is gaining momentum as system that empowers the common man through sustainable development and seamless availability of critical services.

The core agenda of eGov Knowledge Exchange – Haryana is to facilitate exchange of knowledge on the subject of e-Governance. The practitioners of e-Governance from all over the country will gather in Chandigarh for one day and shed light on the ways by which they see the ICTs being a key and inseparable part of the ‘present we have.’ The event will lead to a greater acknowledgement of the ubiquitous role that ICTs are playing our society, from the way in which we communicate, network and interact, to the way in which we learn, play, conduct business or access government services.

As large number of private companies, which are involved in doing cutting edge work in the area of e-Governance, will also be participating, the government officials and ministers will have the chance of exploring the opportunities and benefits offered by broadband and ICTs in the context of sustainable development. Thus the eGov Knowledge Exchange – Haryana will contribute to the creation of more awareness and understanding.

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